When We First Met ~ Poem Choices

Wishing you hearts filled with joy...

When We First Met ~ Sample Dedications
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After all these years together -
Hanging out with you is still my favorite thing to do.
Happy Anniversary Sweetheart
Best Friends in Love & Life -
Today, Tomorrow and Always
Love, Shannon, Rob, and Britney
Every day spent with you...
is like a dream come true!
Here's to our love that grows deeper
with each passing year!
I cherish the day and moment we met.
Love, David
I love you... It's as simple and
as complicated as that.
I love you truly, madly, deeply -
now and forever!
Its always been you,
then, now, and forever!
Love, Tasha

On this day...
Our lifetime of forever began...
I love you Daniel

In my dreams the perfect love has your smile,
your voice, your touch, your name.
My world stands still when I’m with you.
Ten years with you has been a
beautiful beginning to our always and forever.
I love you. Happy Anniversary.
To celebrate the beginning of a lifetime together.
I love you, Jim
To the most beautiful, smart, funny,
sexy woman I know. You are my best friend,
my dream come true, and my one true love.
Thank you for being you!
Wishing you happiness for a lifetime of tomorrows.
Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad
With all my heart, all my life,
I have promised my love to you.
Happy Anniversary Sweetie!
With special thoughts and
best wishes for your anniversary.
You are my first love, my only love,
my forever love...
You are now and will always be my best friend.
Thank you for the best days of my life.
All my love, Lisa
On this day...My life was made complete,
and our lifetime of forever began...
I Love you, Happy Anniversary!
Your smile made me fall in love with you -
and your heart has kept me in love.
Love, Shane
In my dreams the perfect love has your smile,
your touch and your sweet voice.
Thank you for the best days of my life sweetie!
Love always, Michelle
My heart knew when its search was over.
I loved you from the moment we met
and I will love you forever....
All My Heart, Jessica
I first fell in love with your smile,
but your heart has kept me in love with you.
Love, Heath
I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you and
I'll earn your trust making memories of us...
Honey, My life is complete
With you by my side.
I Love You So Much!
You have touched my heart in a way...
It has never been touched before!
Here's to Us on our Special Day!
& here's to many more wonderful ones ahead!
Happy Anniversary David!!
My Love for you keeps growing...
each moment, each day, each year!
Happy Anniversary Kaitlyn!
Wishing you both many more years
of beautiful memories together...
Merry Christmas!!
Every moment spent with you...
Is like living a dream... come true!
I Love You Michelle, Happy Valentine's Day!
And the magic goes on...
Merry Christmas Tracy,
I Love You!
Love is when you don't want to fall asleep
because reality is better than a dream....
I love you Eric...for all my days!
~Happy Valentines Day~
Honey, you have been my everything since the
moment I saw you. I can’t wait to spend the rest of
eternity by your side. See you on the porch swing!
Love you forever...
Congratulations on your engagement!
~December 29, 2005~
I had no idea how my life would change
and that I would find my soulmate,
the man who I would grow old with,
the hands that would hold mine.

I want you to know how much I love you and that
knowing you has made my life richer.
I will treasure the day and moment we met forever...

Happy Wedding Day!
I hope this day is everthing
you've dreamed of and more.

I want you to know how much I love you and
that knowing you has made my life richer.
I will treasure the day and moment we met forever...
I Lover You So Much Babe!

I Love you so much babe!

My life changed in a beautiful way the day I met you...
I found my soulmate, the wonderful man who
I would laugh with, grow old with,
the hands that would hold mine.

Happy Everyday has been better than the last,
since the day we met

I felt as if the world stopped when I met U
nothing mattered but you,
so I had to get this to see what I missed
while mesmorized by you.
My life worth remembering began when I met you.
When we met is without a doubt the most important
time in my life, and I love you more everyday.
I can honestly say "Now you're my whole life".
"We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk.
Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen.
But why only one heart?
Because the other was given to someone else.
For us to find."
I am so glad I found you Justin.